Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Longer days, warm weather, and opportunities to engage in outdoor activities are sure signs that summer is upon us. Perhaps one of the best ways to celebrate the coming summer season is to travel. No matter the duration or location of one’s trip, vacationing in interesting locations provides a healthy mental and physical reprieve from daily life.

Even though travel is often done to give the body a chance to recover and restore, there are various reasons this may not occur. Stress, sickness, and fatigue can all ruin one’s vacation experience. Being unprepared increases the risk of travel troubles that transform a fun getaway into an exhausting misadventure. By incorporating the following health tips into one’s globetrotting journeys, disease and hardships associated with travel may be avoided.

1) Stay Hydrated

Although it may not seem like an important activity, drinking plenty of water to keep the body hydrated is considered by many to be the most important travel tip. Regularly filling a reusable bottle and always having it on hand makes it easier to keep fluid levels up. It is best to use a metal thermos or bottle which, unlike plastic, does not leech BPAs into the liquids they contain. Reusable bottles also reduce environmental waste and cost less money in the long term.

A reusable bottle also allows one to have water available during flight, which can prevent dehydration on long trips. It is important to keep in mind that safe drinking water may not be readily available in some locations. In such circumstances, one should probably utilize bottled water sourced elsewhere.

2) Eat Well

One of the best parts of traveling is enjoying new foods and cuisine. Starting the morning right with a high protein breakfast helps keep the body fueled for the day’s adventures. It can be difficult to maintain a balanced diet while eating in new locations. Employing the services of a multivitamin can help counteract a less than optimal diet during one’s travels. Multiplex is a multi-supplement produced by HoltraCeuticals that helps resolve dietary gaps and failings. Furthermore, Multiplex is formulated to support the immune system making one more resilient against germs and disease. Keeping vitamin and nutrient levels balanced can also help one get better sleep, and feel energized throughout the day.

3) Stay Active (and Safe!)

After enjoying a hearty, high-protein meal, there is no better way to explore a new city or locale than by walking, hiking, or biking. These methods of transport allow one to at their own pace while also burning calories to make space for tasty local treats. Alternatively, if long distance travel by train, car, or metro is a necessity, stretching can provide a nice restorative break while waiting for one’s ride. Stretching before starting one’s day can also help warm the body up before commencing strenuous activities such as roaming the city and adventuring through exotic locations. Not only does stretching provide an early morning energy boost but it also helps reduce the risk of injury.

As a back-up plan, booking a location with an onsite gym (and regularly using it) can help keep the body healthy and functioning at its best while traveling. However, over exercise is a serious risk and can easily occur when one is out exploring a new world. It’s important not to overload each day and allow for adequate rest.

4) Sleep and Relax

The days and months leading up to a vacation can cause a great amount of stress and unrest due to intense planning and preparation. It is important to maintain a regular sleep cycle both leading up to and during one’s travels. Lack of sleep and excess stress not only makes it harder to have fun but it can lower the efficiency of one’s immune system. Keeping the body’s front line of defense fully functioning increases the chance of having a positive travel experience.

Inadequate and restless sleep can result in moodiness, cognitive difficulty, and low energy which all make it difficult to truly enjoy new experiences. Sleep quality is just as important as sleep duration. Deep sustained sleep allows the body to repair itself and produce the hormones needed to stay healthy. Don’t fall into the trap of pushing the body past its point of comfort simply because there is a new event or location to explore. It’s critical to listen to the body while also making rest and relaxation a priority. Properly resting allows one to feel more energized and maintain good health during travel.

5) Support the Immune System

Supporting one’s immune system is a powerful way to help prevent travel related sickness and disease. Effectively empowering one’s immune system means doing more than popping a couple pills before take-off. Healthy supplementation should include taking immune boosters in the weeks and months leading up to one’s trip. ImmunoStim is an immunity boosting supplement produced by HoltraCeuticals. This product is specifically formulated to increase Natural Killer Cell function and production. This increases one’s ability to fight infection and fend off disease. Incorporating ImmunoStim into one’s supplement regimen prior to travel can help reduce the risk of catching unwanted disease.

6) Practice Good Sanitation

One of the biggest concerns of travel is getting sick. Public transport and other travel hotspots including ATMs, hand rails, door handles, and bathrooms carry an exceptionally high level of germs. Regularly washing one’s hands after contacting foreign surfaces can help prevent illness. Unfortunately, water and soap may not always be available depending on the area. Adequately preparing before a trip can help resolve the issue of inadequate sanitation. Portable products such as hand sanitizers and wet naps provide a convenient and reliable defense against germs and other disease promoters. Staying clean and regularly sanitizing reduces the risk of getting sick due to exposure to germs found in public places.

Traveling Safely and Securely

Following these travel tips helps one become better equipped to combat travel-related disease and discomfort. Safely enjoying summertime getaways by employing the above healthy practices improves the likelihood of enjoying a new location to the fullest.

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