All About Adrenal Repair and Adrenal Repair-V

Adrenal issues impact a large portion of the population with experts estimating that up to 80% suffer from adrenal dysfunction ranging from mild adrenal insufficiency to more severe adrenal fatigue. Fortunately, there are safe and effective methods of supporting adrenal function to help alleviate imbalances and restore healthy function.

Supplying the body with the nutrients it needs is essential for maintaining healthy adrenal function. Unfortunately, many do not acquire the nutrients the body needs through their diet alone. By utilizing an adrenal supporting supplement such as Adrenal Repair or Adrenal Repair-V, you gain access to a powerful collection of adaptogenic herbs, vitamins and other substances that improve adrenal function, also support hormone balance, and bolster widespread bodily wellness.

Adrenal Repair and Adrenal Repair-V are dietary supplements produced by HoltraCeuticals that support proper adrenal and endocrine activity. Both supplements contain natural regulatory agents in the form of vitamins, adaptogens, and other substances that support these systems in many different ways. The powerful ingredients found in Adrenal Repair and Adrenal Repair-V help regulate adrenal function, improve immunity, normalize the body’s stress response, boost energy, and promote greater focus.

What’s Inside?

Exceptional ingredients and a specific formulation are what makes Adrenal Repair and Adrenal Repair-V such effective tools for resolving adrenal and endocrine imbalances. The combinations of regulatory adaptogens and essential B vitamins allows these supplements to positively influence these systems.

Stabilizing Adaptogens

Adaptogenic herbs are naturally occurring substances that help balance various substances including adrenal hormones. Another characteristic of adaptogens is that they improve homeostasis even during times of elevated physiological stress. These powerful herbs have been used for many years to help relieve stress, improve adrenal function, and restore balance to many bodily functions. Both Adrenal Repair and Adrenal Repair-V employ a collection of specific adaptogens to provide the greatest adrenal support possible.


Ashwagandha provides multiple benefits relating to adrenal insufficiency including better energy level, immune support, lower blood pressure, neuroprotection, and stress relief. This adaptogen is often the first on the list of supplements to use when treating adrenal issues. This is because it is well-recognized for its ability to reduce symptoms of adrenal insufficiency by improving hormone balance and functionality.

Studies show that appropriate ashwagandha supplementation helps regulate cortisol and other adrenal hormones. Furthermore, ashwagandha safeguards against cortisol exhaustion, which is a primary component of adrenal deficiency or fatigue. When the adrenals are overworked due to stress, they release excess cortisol to keep up with bodily demand. If sustained, a deficit can develop that is difficult to resolve. Ashwagandha protects against this by helping the body maintain an appropriate level of cortisol rather than allowing total depletion.


Eleuthero, or Eleutherococcus, is an adaptogen recognized for its stress-relieving benefits on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. This collection of systems regulates stress and adrenal activity in addition to other influential systems that can impact energy levels, mood, fatigue, mental wellness, and much more. Eleuthero also contains many other substances that have immune-stimulating and regulatory properties that can help combat a variety of conditions and symptoms including stress intolerance, fatigue, and infections. These benefits are most apparent in older individuals.

Licorice Root

Triterpenoid glycyrrhizin is the substance in licorice root that gives it its distinct flavor. This compound also has anti-inflammatory benefits, a mild laxative effect, and helps alleviate coughing or obstruction of the throat. According to the journal of Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, licorice root also improves cortisol regulation thereby boltering adrenal function and restorative efforts. These benefits are due to the regulatory effect of glycyrrhizin on cortisol and cortisone. Maintaining the appropriate ratio of these two chemicals helps the adrenals function at their best.

Warning: Licorice root is a powerful tool for combating adrenal insufficiencies. However, it is important to use substances or products containing glycyrrhizin with caution. Glycyrrhizin deactivates enzymatic regulators of cortisol while also increasing cortisol production. Therefore, excessive use of glycyrrhizin can result in the development or worsening of symptoms relating to adrenal dysfunction.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogenic herb most frequently used for improving cortisol balance. Supplementing with rhodiola helps reduce and normalize levels of cortisol thereby alleviating adrenal fatigue. However, there are many other benefits of rhodiola rosea including improved longevity, reduced fatigue, anxiety relief, better stamina, greater focus and mental function, improved immunity, neuroprotection, and reduced symptoms of depression. The many varied benefits of Rhodiola Rosea may be due to its function as a mediating agent that maintains communication among multiple systems in the body.

Essential Vitamins

Vitamins are necessary for the construction of important adrenal hormones including cortisol adrenaline, aldosterone, estrogen, and testosterone. Therefore, it is critical to maintain appropriate levels of these hormonal building blocks to help maintain hormone balance in the adrenals and elsewhere. Adrenal Repair and Adrenal Repair-V contain a collection of essential B Vitamins that support proper hormone and chemical balance to alleviate adrenal and endocrine issues.

Although all the B vitamins provide some benefit for adrenal function, there are some worth noting for their specific positive impact on adrenal activity:

  • B3, also known as Niacin, is used in the creation of essential enzymes that facilitate the production of hormones that regulate adrenal function.
  • B5, or pantothenic acid, is converted into acetyl-CoA, which is critical for converting glucose into usable energy. Acetyl-CoA is found in every cell but is present at a higher concentration in the adrenals because they require a significant amount of energy to produce the appropriate number of various hormones.
  • B6, also called pyridoxine, is a coenzyme found in biochemical pathways. This essential substance helps regulate the function of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.

Each of these B Vitamins have a significant impact on adrenal function and must be maintained at the appropriate level to keep essential systems working properly.

Learn even more about B vitamins in our Ultimate B Vitamin Guide.

Supporting the Adrenals through Effective Supplementation

Adrenal dysfunction is a common problem that can be difficult to resolve. However, by incorporating the appropriate supplements into your treatment plan, recovery may be expedited and improved. Using high-quality supplements such as Adrenal Repair and Adrenal Repair-V that contain quality ingredients including adaptogens and essential vitamins can empower treatment to better regulate adrenal and endocrine activity.


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