A History of Vitamins and Why You Need Them

A History of Vitamins: How They Were Discovered and Why We Need Them

It is common knowledge that vitamins play a critical role in one’s overall health and nutrition. Working together with other important substances including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and minerals, vitamins are necessary for sustaining life. We frequently take for granted that we are well-informed and easily supplied with these necessary organic substances. Until relatively recently we….

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Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies

5 of the Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies

Keeping the body fully stocked and empowered with nutrients can be a challenge. The primary means of acquiring one’s nutrients is through a well-balanced diet. Regardless if one is following a perfect nutrient plan, there are elements that can influence vitamin, mineral, and nutrient levels. Poor absorption due to digestive issues, the natural effects of….

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Secrets of Proper Supplementation

Is There a Secret to Proper Supplementation?

Staying healthy requires a variety of disciplines including exercise, avoiding toxins, and eating healthy. These tasks come with their own challenges and difficulties but one’s diet can be particularly tricky. Eating right does not simply mean avoiding French fries and milkshakes. Diet is truly about providing one’s body the nutrients it needs. Unfortunately, American’s appear….

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Ultimate B Vitamin Guide - Vitamin B

The Ultimate Guide to B Vitamins

Many are aware of the energy boosting and metabolic impact that the B-Complex of vitamins provides. However, some may not recognize the necessity of these powerful nutrients and the many benefits that come with them. There are 8 vitamins that make up the B-complex and they have many similarities. These water-soluble substances must be acquired….

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Are Supplements Dangerous?

Critique of Yahoo Health’s Article “Supplements are More Dangerous than Other Processed Foods”

The opening statement of an article recently published on Yahoo Health, which is based on an interview with a Harvard doctor and professor reads “on the back of virtually any supplement bottle are two words that strike fear in the heart of Pieter Cohen.” This statement is referring to the term “proprietary blend,” which means….

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