Halloween Crafts - Decor - Supplement Bottles

Halloween is fast approaching, which means that it is time to start thinking about filling the house with fun and frightening decorations. One of the best ways to do this is by making them from scratch or repurposing items commonly found around the house. If you purchase supplements or take medication, next time the bottle is empty don’t just throw it out! After the contents have been exhausted, what’s left becomes a handy bottle that can be easily repurposed into functional and/or festive additions to the home.

The following crafts and DIY projects provide imaginative ways to incorporate used pill bottles into one’s home and Halloween décor.

1: Pumpkin LED Tea Light Holder

Perhaps the easiest way to use a pill bottle as decoration is to repurpose it as an LED candle holder. The simple process only requires one to remove the labels, thoroughly wash the container, and insert an LED candle into the bottle. For further Halloween flair, one can use a permanent marker to create a custom pumpkin face on the outside. This easy craft results in glowing and grinning pill-bottle jack-o-lanterns.

2: Pill Bottle Light Garland

Another easy way to illuminate one’s home with Halloween flair is by crafting a pill bottle garland out of LED light strands. The orange tint of the bottles perfectly plays up the Halloween feeling. One could elevate it even further by adding pumpkin vines with green pipe cleaners or adding smiling jack-o-lantern faces to the bottles with a permanent marker.

3: Explosion Lamp

This light fixture is a little more technical but certainly provides a stunning visual impact. Permanent and practical lighting such as this may require additional crafting savvy but the final explosive effect is well worth the effort!

4: Halloween Monsters

A whole host of Halloween monsters are hiding in unused collections of supplement or pill bottles. This guide provides a method for creating cute creatures that are perfect for the Halloween season. Kids can also take part in making their own ghastly ghouls.

5: Pill Bottle Pumpkins

As an alternative to the cloth-covered Halloween friends from the previous craft, pill bottles can also be made into Halloween containers. These pill bottle pumpkins are great for portioning out candy or other treats. They can also act as festive party favors.

6: Portable Trash Can

Trick-or-treating is central to many people’s celebration of Halloween. However, a common problem associated with snacking on one’s newly acquired treats while they are still haunting the streets is no access to a trash can. This step-by-step guide explains how to transform boring bottles into miniature mobile trash bins that can be themed as spookily as one wants.

7: Pill Bottle Emergency Kit

While collecting treats and playing tricks on Halloween it is important to be safe. By repurposing unused pill or supplement bottles into a convenient emergency kit to be carried throughout the night, parents can retain some peace of mind while their little monsters roam the neighborhood.

8: Prescription Hide-A-Key

One of the most frustrating tricks to come home to after an evening of Halloween fun is realizing that the door is locked and the key was forgotten on the way out. Repurposing a bottle into this easily made and inconspicuous hide-a-key can help alleviate an unfortunate bought of forgetfulness.

9: Decorative Halloween Bottles

If one is looking to add some serious Halloween flair to their home this year, they should consider creating these wicked witch’s brews from extra bottles. These Halloween potions take some effort but they are certain to evoke the spirit of the holiday.

10: Pill Bottle Lamp

This is likely the most difficult project on the list but for those really wanting to flex their crafting and fabrication muscles, they should try making this modern pill bottle lamp. Unlike the explosion lamp, this project requires a combination of tools and technical knowhow. However, the final outcome is an impressive light fixture that can be used for more than just Halloween.

Crafting Halloween

Halloween doesn’t always have to be about candy and trick-or-treating. Crafting and decorating can also be a healthy and safe way of celebrating as a family. No matter which of the above projects one chooses to undertake, they will be utilizing their unused pill bottles in a fun-filled and resourceful way.

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