Top 10 Supplement Posts from 2017

Becoming more educated and taking charge of your own health is a critical part of achieving greater wellness. An effective way to do this is by utilizing the wide array of informative content found online.

Supplementation has been a favorite topic and was highly read and discussed throughout the year. We added our knowledge to the mix and have produced a large collection of relevant supplement information for you, our readers, to enjoy and learn from.

In case you missed any, we have compiled our top performing articles from 2017. These can help you gain greater nutrient awareness and achieve your wellness goals.

5 of the Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies

The substances mentioned in this article, magnesium, calcium, omega-3, iron, and vitamin B12, are nutrients that most are familiar with. As critical components to healthy bodily function, these elements should be a high priority in your diet. However, as stated in the article, many are not aware that deficiency of these essential nutrients is a common occurrence.

Learn about the impact of deficiency in these areas and get recommendations for effective methods for resolving it.

5 Ways to Help You Remember Your Vitamins and Supplements

Forgetting to take your medications is a major inhibitor of effective treatment! By highlighting a variety of practical methods, we aim to help you resolve the issue of inconsistent dosing.
Employing these suggestions can reduce forgetfulness and support the building of good medication habits.

Can You Overdose on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements?

As stated in the article, vitamin and nutrient toxicity caused by improper supplementation can contribute to serious health issues and widespread dysfunction. Learn about the three major supplement categories: iron, fat-soluble vitamins, and electrolyte minerals, and how at proper levels these substances aid in keeping the body functioning properly. However, an excess of these substances can cause a wide variety of symptoms and various health conditions.

Defeating Digestive Dysfunction with Enzymes

In this easy-to-read overview of digestive enzymes, you’ll learn both the function of these enzymes and why they are such a critical component of good health.

You’ll also receive a helpful list of digestive enzymes that explains their individual functions along with optimal enzyme levels and methods for achieving them!

4 Gut-Boosting Substances to Improve Your Digestion

In a further exploration of gut health, this article highlights four substances that promote better gut function – L-lysine, glycine, ginger root, and green tea. The unique benefits of each substance are explained in greater detail and allow you to find the right supplement that will help your gut most.

Vitamin K: Benefits, Sources, and More!

Vitamin K is an impressive essential vitamin that benefits skeletal and cardiovascular health, while also reducing risk factors associated with cancers. Learn about the benefits and the many natural ways of increasing vitamin K levels and vitamin K efficacy.

What You Need to Know About Melatonin, The Sleep Hormone

Many are aware of melatonin’s positive impact on sleep quality and duration. However, this article expands on the one-dimensional understanding of melatonin and exposes the reader to its many benefits that frequently go unnoticed. Stress regulation, thyroidal influence, antioxidant attributes, and many other benefits of this helpful hormone are discussed.

How to Find High-Quality Supplements

This article contains multiple methods for identifying the best supplements for your unique health needs. Diligently researching products, companies, and ingredients is an important part of acquiring quality supplements and we’ll show you how to do that!

You’ll receive various examples of what to look for and what to avoid regarding supplement quality. The primary concern is to equip you with the tools you need to avoid receiving poor quality products!

3 Ways Nutritional Supplements Add to a Healthy Life

Many understand that multivitamins can support better health but often do not know why. To explain that we’ve spent time debunking common multivitamin misconceptions and provided information that displays the many benefits that come with daily vitamin intake.

One major benefit of supplementation is its capacity to combat deficiencies that may be caused by drug-induced depletion, dietary inconsistencies, and increased vitamin expenditure or usage. For more benefits, you’ll have to read the post!

Are Gummy Vitamins Really Healthy?

Here we address the common concerns of gummy vitamins such as improper manufacturing practices and poor ingredient quality. The post further explains how to alleviate these prominent gummy-related worries and get the most out of these easily used supplements.

There are benefits and detractors to gummy vitamins and this post empowers readers by allowing them to make an educated choice about whether or not these supplements are right for their situation.

The Best is Yet to Come

We hope you have benefited from and enjoyed this sampling of supplement information! We are dedicated to providing you with relevant and beneficial content to help you achieve greater wellness through a better understanding of safe supplementation.

Be sure to visit us regularly to continue learning about powerful pharmaceutical tools, supplements, and the best ways of incorporating them into your own life.

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